The Directors appoint the Trustees.
The Trustees elect the Directors.
Have you been properly trained to serve as an
Internal Trustee?

Where does your Personal Liability stand if you have these concerns?

  • Are you an ESOP Expert?
  • Can you sleep at night, knowing you are personally liable for all your activities past and present?
  • Do you know how to monitor the Board of Directors?
  • Are you loyal to the Plan Participants and their Beneficiaries?
  • Do you know what the Duty of Care is?
  • Does your Board of Directors know how to monitor you?
  • Are you a Discretionary Trustee?
  • Do you have the correct amount of Fiduciary Insurance?
Do any of these questions resonate with you?

If your Company has Internal Trustees, we provide online, one-on-one and other Fiduciary services to properly train and educate the Plan’s Fiduciaries.